Outplacement or Career Transition? The Market floor is now yours…

We are no doubt going through a period of recession, and the private sector is long under this process, without enjoying so much the publicity of the public sector shortcomings! In this change arena, long established career notions and stereotyping about jobs&the market is by definition outdated and pushed aside. Professionals need tools and techniques, they need more experienced professionals in the market to coach them about how to re-enter this new and fast changing world of work. Professionals need to work together with their career facilitator, to commit into networking, and to believe in synergies which will lead to their next career success with greater speed and effectiveness.

In this changing world of work, there are services which are provided to professionals to support them in dealing effectively with career change. The word ‘outplacement’ literally means you are seeking for placement out of where you were up until today. The word ‘career transition’ on the other hand is more dynamically depicting the transition phase you are going through while ending a cooperation, especially if this cooperation is a long term one. Apart from the words themselves, both terms signify change, and dignify a professional’s effort to remain employable.

Getting out of a job, and since the train has stopped for a while, it would be a good idea to get off this train, and look inside you, and then around you. Walk slowly towards the nearest cafe, taking deep breaths and a lot of fresh air on your way. Sit down, and together with your favorite coffee or tea, take the time to realize what you have accomplished so far, where you are good at – which are your key strengths, what you are interested in doing, and what is your next destination. This way, when you get on the train again you will have your own agenda in mind, and you will not just follow the train’s curriculum.

Now, if you wish to be realistic, and want to re-enter the market as quickly as possible, then you will go after job openings which require your experience and will tap on your expertise – with no special need to invest on your training (‘pret-a-porter’).  If you have the luxury of time, but even if you don’t have it you may want to unlock the toolcase of your competencies,  and target yourself towards several fields of your market with confidence and strength, communicating firmly your relevance, your drive and potential to excel in diverse settings. Whatever you choose to pursue, you will need first and utmost to be persistent, consistent, patient and strong! Mottos such as those who seek find, and those who persist excel apart from being classic gain extra value from actual case studies and people who have managed to land good jobs within the period 2010-2011 in Greece.

Waking up everyday with a program in mind – a small daily agenda and a broader weekly schedule, also reminding ourselves of our worth and strengths is a valuable and €-free fuel to drive us through change and out of inertia! Working out for 30 minutes to 1 hour will also energize our bodies and mind! Let us try to engage in stress free activities and recycle positive energy while in career change…essentially throughout our entire work life from now on! And why not find our personal career coach, who will support us professionally (for small or big steps/decisions) and ignite our drive to assess ourselves and approach the market with power. Start from right now!


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